Domain Configuration for Email Hosting
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Domain Configuration for Email Hosting

Email only Hosting

If your hosting is already working on some other hosting provider and you will buy our email hosting plans without shifting your website with us. That type of plans, required special (actually not special) configuration on your domain setting, is called email only hosting.

Configure Email only Hosting with us

Actually it’s not the configuration on our end but it will totally configure from you domain management panel. After you purchase email hosting from us, make following changes from your domain management.

  1. Create A record for, and redirect to our IP, which we will provide you after successful purchase.
  2. Change or Create MX record for @ redirect to That’s it.
Sometime A records and MX records take some time to update, so you can wait till you will see the ping response from the subdomain names with our IP address.

What to do after configuring domain?

Just access your belint account and you are ready to access your cPanel or webmail from there. Alternatively you can access your cPanel or webmail directly using following methods.

Access cPanel account: You will able to access your cpanel account from link using credentials, given to you after successful purchase.

Create email accounts: You will able to create email addresses from cPanel.

Access webmail: After you will create your email addresses, you can access the email accounts from webmail using link

Configure POP/IMAP: To access email using POP or IMAP, use in incoming and outgoing server address. You might want to enable SSL to secure your account access in POP or IMAP.

TODO: Configuration of A records and MX records on various domain registrars with screenshot will be added.

Still not working?

We are here to help, let us know.

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